English08BUSINESS AKADEMY OF NEVEKLOV was established in 1997 as a secondary school focused on economy and business. It prepares students for various activites related to business in market economy. Therefore the school focuses on creating and developing qualities and skills required for successful performance of these activites in private companies, commercial companies, cooperatives, legal forms of enterprises in the sphere of production, domestic and international trade, but also in banking, hotels, travel industry and state and public administration.

It is free of charge and is financed and supported by the town of Neveklov.

School premises include basic and secondary schools, an assembly hall, a gym, a canteen, a students' hostel with a capacity of 60 beds, outdoor tennis courts. The location just about 45 km south-east of Prague is also very attractive.

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  • the building is not very large and students know eachother
  • there are a lot of different facilities (PC classrooms, a school canteen, a really spacious gym, libraries and also a students´ home for those who live far away from school)English20
  • it is well equipped: there are modern computers and interactive boards and thanks to this teaching is interesting, not boring
  • you can play table tennis and use a photocopier during breaks
  • during the school year students take part in a variety of both national and international projects (Fictitious companies, Day of languages, Project week, One World, Off We Go, etc.)
  • English15the school organizes a number of discussions with interesting people,competitions (Let´s save Africa, Build your own house, Olympiadain English/German, speed typing etc.), sport events (floorball and basketball cups, canoeing, skiing, etc.) and cultural events (theatregoing, going on excursions or trips to foreign countries etc.)English11


  • All the fields of study are on a four-year daily basis at a secondary level of education finishing with a schoolleaving (maturita) exam.The branches include:
  • Business Academy - Focused on Informatics
  • Business Academy - Focused on foreign languages
  • Economic lyceum
  • Economics and business - Sportmanagement
  • Economics and business



V. Zelenková – „One of the most important criterion was the quality of education and possibility to study according to an individual plan as I am a professional down-hill skier. Studying at Business Academy in Neveklov was one of the best decisions in my life. My teachers were most helpful, prepared me well for my final exams and also for further university studies. I also met good friends who I still keep in touch with.“

M. Patočková – „We always had something „extra“, our teachers´presentations, online evaluation, we were „in“. Simply - I had a feeling that I was heading towards something..“

Z. Stěhule – „I don´t regret and would go to this school again if I could turn back time. I´d love to repeat this all again. Unfortunately, I can´t. Thank you for everything I was given then.“